OilPro provides surface protection solutions to combat corrosion in mission-critical equipment which helps petrochemical companies to operate safely and reliably. We are specifically set up to support Nigeria Oil and Gas companies that require Surface Protection services in terms of the surface preparation and cleanliness. Working in conjunction with Materials Suppliers and credible Technical Partners, OilPro can recommend the best fit Surface treatment for specific applications. With our experience in the Surface Protection services arena and our ISO accreditation, our understanding of the requirements for cost effective solutions for all your surface preparation and coating requirements is unparalleled.

Our highly skilled personnel have relevant certifications such as IRATA, OPITO, NACE, among other globally recognised certifications, and are committed to providing safe methods, best quality and value adding services in delivering satisfactory performance on surface protection services.

Our wide ranges of services, available for numerous equipment and systems include:

  • Insulation
  • Painting
  • Coating
  • Blasting (Sand and Water)
  • Peening (Metal Treatment)
  • Fireproofing – provides temporary protection until such time when fire fighting systems and loss control measures may be employed.

Marine Surface Protection

OilPro Surface Protection is a renowned specialist in marine surface protection, mainly against corrosion of offshore steel surfaces. Our offshore oil and gas department offers surface protection, in both new building and repair work, for drilling rigs and production platforms. OilPro does extremely well in the business of coating the multifaceted steel formations of offshore drilling rigs and supply platforms. We are renowned for the quality of service provided to our customers: we understand the importance of reliability, consistency and cost-effectiveness for all surface preparation and Protection projects. We will be happy to discuss and recommend the best Surface Treatment options based on your requirements

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