Q: What kinds of products can I procure from OILPRO?

A. OILPRO can procure most products needed for comprehensive Oil and Gas Services product categories, including:

  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Pipes & Tubes
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Control Flow
  • Brands
  • Valves
  • Drilling and Completion tools

Request for our Catalogue via info@oil-pro.com for the most current list of products.

Q. Can you supply goods from Europe, Middle East, Europe, Asia, United States and North America?

A. Yes. OILPRO buys Oil and Gas products and goods that meet quality standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and safety requirements, and are efficacious. OILPRO buys high-quality products from reliable manufacturers in many countries to meet the needs of our respective clients in Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.  Please supply us with specific product type information details and we will source and deliver the product to your preferred location in Nigeria.

Q. What types of information will I need to provide when making an order?

A. OILPRO needs to know the precise specification of the product(s) you require: its intended usage, (if this is not obvious from the specification), manufacturer name, manufacturer catalog number or OILPRO Catalog item number, and the requested delivery date by which the product is required. Contact us at Info@Oil-pro.com regarding your product request. An OILPRO representative will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail to fully understand your needs and design the appropriate response.

Although we always strive to procure products for our clients as quickly as possible, the time needed to prepare a price quote and subsequently procure infrequently ordered Products can be significant.

Q. What are specific issues I should consider when ordering from OILPRO?

A. We can supply products currently defined on our website or any bespoke products based upon our clients’ requirements. Due to increasing demand for Oil and Gas products and equipments, manufacturers are reaching their maximum production capacity. Supplies are not always immediately available, and clients should expect longer lead times for large orders.

So clients should expect a lead time of up to 20+ weeks for large orders. Many other small product items have a relatively short delivery time scales from 3+ weeks. OILPRO can advise on appropriate delivery patterns.

Q. Can one product be substituted for another? Can we request a product items to be added and be part of your order?

A. OILPRO cannot allow for substitutions:

  1. The creation of product items manufactured under optimal conditions with stringent guidelines and QA requirements from the agreed upon list of products has been a thorough and time-consuming process. The logistics and time required to make changes to these products to serve specific needs would not be an easy or swift process to undertake.
  2. OILPRO supplies these products based on the manufacturer standardized approach in order to maximize the economies of scale in order to bring cost down while providing a high quality product. A single change in the composition of the product item would result in a new product, hence losing the benefits of Quality Control and standardization.

Procuring through OILPRO

Q. How does the process work?


  • We will need to know your requirements including when you require the product(s), where the product(s) should be delivered, product specifications and quantity.
  • On the basis of your requirements, OILPRO will prepare a price quote for your consideration. The price quote will be used to confirm product specifications and will include both the price and anticipated time needed from delivery once we place an order. You will usually have up to 30 days to review and reject or accept the price quote. If this price quote is acceptable, you will sign and return the price quote, and we will then place the order on your behalf and provide you the anticipated delivery date(s) for your order(s).
  • OILPRO will then manage the order through to delivery to the agreed destination, arranging supply either from one of our regional distribution centres in United Kingdom or United States or by direct shipment from our manufacturers.
  • Once the recipient received product, we ask you to accept delivery.
  • For regular repeat requirements, OILPRO prefers to work on the basis of a quantified need, incorporating long term forecasts and supply plans for regular deliveries. This process will require detailed discussion and analysis between you and OILPRO.

Q. How long does the typical order take to deliver once the order is placed?

A. Delivery periods vary extensively depending on the product ordered, size of the order, availability of stock and manufacturers’ production schedules. Delivery can take as little as three weeks if the appropriate product is available, to as much as 20+ weeks for specially manufactured equipment or specialized products. Your OILPRO representative can provide you an estimated delivery date.

Q. Can OILPRO procure globally in the country where products are located?

A. Yes, OILPRO can procure appropriate products form the international market. What we can procure depends on the commodity type (see explanation on quality requirement for Oil and Gas), what is available on the international market, the quality of the product available and the cost compared to procuring from other local market if product item exist in the specific market. Contact your OILPRO representative to discuss the option of your procurement.

Q. If I can’t find a product in our Catalog, what should I do?

A. If a product you require is not listed in our Catalog, please contact info@Oil-Pro.com . An OILPRO representative will contact you to determine if we can supply it.

Q. If I want to receive deliveries over a period of time rather than in a single shipment, do I submit one request or multiple requests?

A. A single request is adequate, and we can then discuss with you an appropriate delivery pattern.

Q. How do I obtain prices from OILPRO?

A. OILPRO establishes long-term supply contracts with major suppliers and manufacturers to obtain firm prices for the most frequently purchased products. Many of these prices can be obtained from OILPRO upon request. Send a request to OILPRO and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. OILPRO will then prepare a detailed priced quotation for your consideration. We charge our clients the cost of the product plus freight and delivery, in addition to a 5% surcharge or processing fee.

Q. What is the OILPRO Pricing Policy?

A. We charge the cost of the product plus freight, delivery and a surcharge for processing the order. Products provided from a regional distribution centre may have blended freight and product costs. In the spirit of transparency, from time to time we will report to our clients these service costs, including quality assurance surveillance, for your reference purposes only.

Q. Will OILPRO prices be fixed and firm?

A. Yes, all products prices are not fixed. Freight and delivery costs may vary depending on whether we are able to consolidate shipments, and fluctuations in global oil prices may affect costs charged by the particular carrier. At the time of preparing your price quote, OILPRO will provide you an estimated cost of the freight and delivery (including customs clearance). Once the delivery is finalised, we will charge you the actual cost of freight and delivery and provide you with the detail of these costs.

Q. How can I keep down the cost of shipping?

A. Working closely with our clients, we are now saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars by identifying products that can be shipped by sea freight or over land rather than by air.
The resulting cost savings are considerable, often more than 80 percent for sea shipments and 50 percent by land.
Achieving results like these requires careful collaboration between OILPRO staff and our clients to select appropriate products, consolidate shipments when possible and negotiate delivery dates. Those who plan orders well in advance by conducting and sharing forecasts and supply plans will be best positioned to benefit from savings in freight costs.

Q. How do I pay for the products my organization buys through OILPRO?

A. Special arrangements exist whereby payment is made directly to OILPRO or Manufacturer or supplier, OILPRO requires payment in advance before we can confirm the order.

Q. Can I expect OILPRO prices to be comparable to other procurement agents?

A. Yes, OILPRO is fully competitive with suppliers of products of similar quality.

Q. Can OILPRO help in preparing budget, forecast and supply plans to assess the costs of the products required?

A. Yes. In fact, this is our preferred method of operation. OILPRO is more than just a source of supply or a procurement service agent. Our services extend beyond the supply of the product to provide technical assistance and advice to our clients. OILPRO welcomes the opportunity to contribute to your planning and budgeting in order to achieve the best value and an uninterrupted supply of products, whether or not you procure products from us. Please contact our representative to discuss your requirements. You may also contact us at our London or Houston based project management office