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We are the trusted Manpower Company operating from three different locations, Nigeria, UK, and USA in providing recruitment services to the oil & gas industry in Nigeria and West Africa. As oil and gas recruitment agency working with reliability and passion, we provide our clients Oil and Gas recruitment services at the best.

OilPro Limited understands that the Oil and Gas industry is highly competitive and to effectively compete in this operating environment, as it is a labour intensive industry and requires highly skilled work force. Oil and Gas sector disregards geographical localisation of company as projects could come up in any part of the world. It could be on mountainous or ruthless situation terrain or deep sea positions. So it is rather hard for companies to gather together manpower for new projects at short notice.

At OilPro we take into consideration all client requirements and factors like project location, international labour laws and provide the exact recruitment services at a very speedy pace. We are expert at hiring candidates from multiple countries simultaneously or from any particular nation as per the demands of the employer. We make sure there are minimum hassles in the recruitment process and repatriation is minimal. We have a fast track passport and visa processing system that facilitates faster transfer of professionals to the workplace.

OilPro has been involved in Oil & Gas Projects. Personnel have been provided for Feasibility Studies, Design, Construction, Installation, and Commissioning and on-going maintenance. Our professionals are skilled and have broad understanding in Manpower recruitment.  OilPro leads the market in the supply of permanent, temporary, shutdown and contracting manpower to the Oil & Gas and petrochemical industries in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa. We can provide staffing to our clients for the following positions listed below;

  • Contract Administrator
  • Process Engineers
  • DCS Operators
  • Cost Controllers
  • Design Engineers – all disciplines
  • Drilling Personnel
  • Off shore staff
  • Draftsmen – all disciplines
  • Field Support Personnel
  • Construction Staff
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Logistics
  • Operational Managers
  • Pipeline Personnel
  • Procurement
  • Project Engineers – all disciplines
  • Planners & Schedulers
  • Safety Personnel
  • Technicians
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors
  • Operational Personnel
  • Clients & Contract Oil & Gas Staff: Training Co-ordinators

The worth of experience

Each industry depends on its people – on their know-how, their training, their attitudes and their dedication. The volatility of the oil and gas industry makes special demands on staff at all levels.

As an operator, your needs are constantly changing, movements in project portfolio or geographic operations requiring extra experienced staff. In major projects there’s the need to build a management team including contract staff for not only the execution but also the definition and handover phases. And, in operations, as facilities are frequently prolonged and tailored to suit product and sales demands, the challenges multiply further. And that’s where an association with OilPro Manpower services can make a difference.

We operate solely in the oil and gas industry and giving you access to the people you need for your project and operations management teams. We recognise the best candidates, including managers and lead professionals who wouldn’t normally respond to adverts or executive search calls.

They’re key people, they’re not on the open market and often, they’re only available through OilPro. With a main management team whose widespread experience in international oil and gas projects is exclusive, we know the industry, know your needs and share your goals.

An exceptional mix of expertise

It’s not just the corporations we serve but also the staff we provide for them who value our exclusivity in the field of manpower services. Our awareness to detail brings clients and staff back to us again and again. We don’t just do recruitment, we create relationships.

Industry consultants

We pride ourselves on our ability to match people with positions, and our self-belief that we can accomplish your needs is based on the fact that we are one of the few manpower services companies to mix oil and gas industry professionals into our recruitment endeavours.

Our teams have wide-ranging personal knowledge of every aspect of oil and gas projects and operations and each OilPro local and global office can make use of these consultants in every discipline at any time and location to can call upon three to four consultants in every discipline to support clients staffing operations. Their participation varies from advice for a recruitment co-ordinator to the handling of technical assessments and interviews for major staffing crusades.

Project assignments and not troubles

It means that, once we have discussed your needs with you, you can focus on your own goals and leave us to provide the manpower to meet them. You can trust us to handle everything from candidate selection to the final points of briefing, relocation support, visas, taxation, work permits and all the associated personal and administrative details.

Whether we are dealing with payroll and benefits for local staff, transport and accommodation for overseas assignments or any combination of factors in between, you can be confident of our full, fast, qualified support.

Straight skilled recruitment

One of the sole qualities of our service is that it’s more customised than that available through other recruitment consultants. We source all of our candidates for individual positions through our own network and record and so can talk directly with them and encourage them to apply. This extends into multiple positions and reduces the amount of client advertising needed.

Based on our in house recruitment techniques and strategy, we do screening, telephone and face-to-face interviews, including scored assessments, then deliver a ranked and documented shortlist. The result? Recommendations which focus exclusively on quality individuals and their scoring will be passed on to client.

Technical Appraisal Services

In cases calling for high volume technical review processes on both the project and operations side, we have the resources and know-how to take the strain off your recruitment team. We use industry professionals to help restructure the process and measure the full variety of candidates meticulously, resourcefully, effectively, and in a shorter time scale.

Contract staff from start to finish

We do provide highly-skilled, experienced individuals for your establishment to form the nucleus of your project or operations management team, we can then enhance it with contract staff for the inception phase – first up to project endorse, then into project execution and finally Implementation operations. We have a good reputation of supplying contract staffs to Nigeria and other countries in Sub Sahara Africa.

At any one time, we have a network and database of expatriates who are willing to relocate and work in different locations upon request of new opportunities in Nigeria and across Africa.

OilPro has staffed contracts for major operators in Nigeria, from early analysis through all phases of project execution and operations, from managers and specialists to office and site support staff, from one person to a team. Our experience is unparalleled.

All Project Types Within:

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream

Project Definition

For the earlier stages of a project, we can recommend experienced project engineers with specialised skills for technical scope development or rationalisation as well as planning and cost engineers to produce full development plans and cost estimates, including risk analysis. As the project nears sanction, we provide contracts and procurement specialists to develop and refine the commercial strategy so that key contracts and purchase orders can be awarded at approve.

Project Execution

Any resources and services assigned to a project before it’s been authorized can be retained and augmented once it moves into execution.

Production Operations

The skill base extends further with the move into operational mode. More engineers are then needed to prepare and execute commissioning, startup and operations and, once the oil and gas are flowing, you need the right personnel to optimise production and then handle the ongoing process of annual shutdowns and projects associated with product or sales changes.

Requirements span task based consultancy on factors such as uptime, risk analysis and mitigation and operating strategies through to providing supervisors, operators and technicians for operations peak.


On direct staffing we make a greater use of our own network and database which reduces client advertising costs. Our fast access to the details of potential candidates reduces the time from application to contact, and having applicants talk to an industry specialist improves the success rate on campaigns and conversion of recommendations to starts.

The same applies in contract staffing where clients can rely on our policy of only recommending our best two candidates. The net effect is reduced client time and costs on recruitment.

Provision of Staff

Our commercial rates are among the most competitive in the industry. We also reward clients who want a partnership relationship, the benefits being delivered through discounts for contract staff identified and referred by our clients, volume on a contract or a project and reduced placement fees for staff moving from contract to direct.


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