Pigging involves the use of devices known as “pigs”, to clean pipelines and check pipeline condition.  As the pig moves through the pipeline, it’s primary purpose is to clean and free the pipeline from obstruction by removing and possibly detecting any build-ups within the pipe, which can often lead to corrosion, reduced performance, and increased operation costs due to leaks and cracks in the pipe. Our Pipeline Pigging process is done without necessarily interfering with the flow of product in the pipe.

Selecting the right pipeline pig for a particular application requires extensive expertise and experience. At OilPro Oil and Gas Limited, our main goal is to use our best expertise and skills in delivering excellent services to our clients, at reduced costs and within required time frame.

Through our strong partnership with leading inspection companies (both international and local), OilPro can provide Pigging Services in the following areas:

  • Intelligent pigging
  • Routine Pigging
  • Detailed Inspection of Existing Pigging system

For additional information about our Pigging Services, please contact us.