The onshore and offshore oil and gas industry is more closely monitored for its environmental and safety practices than any other industrial sector in Nigeria. As the market’s fastest growing Indigenous provider of industrial cleaning services in the Nigerian Upstream Oil and Gas sector, we can provide you with one of the safest and most efficient cleaning services available. Our broad collection of capabilities and technologies coupled with our highly competent and dedicated cleaning staff, is the right ingredient for your needs.

OilPro works in Nigeria’s most remote and challenging environments, using a wide-ranging range of industrial cleaning equipment and trained personnel, delivering cleaning services customized to differing situations.  Our committed industrial cleaning specialists are highly experienced in a range of cleaning applications and equipment.

Our services include:

Chemical cleaning and decontamination

OilPro’s highly experienced qualified chemists, chemical engineers, project managers and trained operatives solve issues and deliver customized chemical cleaning and decontamination services.

We assist our clients to ensure utmost surface contact and cleaning. We operate all necessary equipments to provide:

  • Chemical cleaning and pipeline pigging: soda ash washing to remove polythionic acids and foam chemical cleaning of fin fans.
  • Liquid phase decontamination: using proprietary chemicals to remove organics from pipes, vessels and exchangers. Our chemical technologies separate contaminants from solids and water to regain full operational efficiency.

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Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

Heat exchangers – PCHE cleaning to increase efficiency for additional throughput:  We can descale heat exchangers and associated pipe work utilizing specialist chemical formulations designed for the offshore Oil and Gas sector. The removal of hydrocarbon or scale fouling to regain full operational efficiency by means of chemical circulation, sometimes at temperature, has proven very successful. The circulation pumps are easily connected to the exchangers, thus little training or dismantling is required.

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Pressure Vessels and Tanks

Eradicating product, by-product or corrosion can result in getting the most out of capacity, increased throughput and better production levels, and therefore superior cost-effectiveness. We can offer unrivalled experience and expertise in tank and vessel cleaning.

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Other Services - Surface, Metering, Tube and Pipe cleaning

Other Services

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Metering Cleaning
  • Tube Cleaning
  • Pipe Cleaning.
  • Water jet cutting and demolition

More information

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